Along with Kamala Harris, the current US government ropes in 20 Indian-Americans in its administration. This raises curtain on a whole new era of lucrative careers for Indian students who aspire to study in the US.

According to 2020 Open Doors Report, 1,075,496 international students studied in the US for the period of 2019-2020. Despite the pandemic, such staggering figures help us understand that the US is still the topmost choice for students across the globe. Why does studying in the US remain so popular?

One word: Universities. According to QS World University Rankings 2021, the US prides itself on having top-ranked universities of the world. It is an irrefutable fact that Universities in the US provide the best of education to their students. Since the educational institutions are well funded, they are capable of investing profoundly in research areas. If you chose to study in the US you will be able to flourish in a multicultural environment.

You may wonder with COVID-19 restricting international travels, is it possible even to get a visa? Don’t worry. You can get a visa. According to the latest news, US Embassy New Delhi is planning to resume student visas from February 1, 2021. What about Hyderabad? According to a press release, Air India was to start a flight between Hyderabad and

What will you need as a student?

Student Essential

Fabral Overseas provides you with a range of essential services for students who apply to the US these services include Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), accommodation, banking, and secure money transfer.


Our team of experts at Fabral Overseas can show you ways in which you can avail most relevant scholarship arrangements. We can help understand what is the required criteria to apply for the scholarship and how much money you can avail.

Upcoming Intakes

As you are aware, Indian universities offer a single Intake. Not so with Universities in the US. They have three Intakes:

  1. Fall: Starting from September
  2. Spring: Starting in January
  3. Summer: Starting May

Considering the availability of your preferred program, entrance test, and acceptance rates, it can be confusing to choose an Intake that is best for you. Experienced councilors at Fabral overseas can work with you to help you choose an Intake that best suits you. And for some reason if you miss an intake, don’t worry! We can prepare you for the next one. Why not schedule an appointment to check your eligibility for the US student visa?

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